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It all starts with WHY! When you really think about it, we all have a reason WHY we go to work. We may tell ourselves it is for the pay check, but in reality, money is a resource that helps each individual accomplish what is most important in his or her own, unique life. As an employer of those whom we view to be among the most talented work force on Delmarva, we don’t just seek to employ our people, rather we seek to partner with them by identifying what is most important to each individual.

This then becomes the “WHY,” that we work towards TOGETHER! Leaders within this organization sincerely care about each individual’s WHY, and will relentlessly coach and mentor their teammates to help get them to the destination of their choosing. If the idea of working for a company who sincerely cares about the goals of each individual employee sounds appealing, then please continue to engage with us below, and take the first steps towards your CAREER TRANSFORMATION!

About Ashley HomeStore Delmar: 
The “Barnes Furniture Campus” in tax free Delmar, DE features two of the nation’s elite furniture retail operations! Comprised of two stores, FurnitureLand and Ashley HomeStore, the Delmar campus combines to offer nearly 80,000′ of world class shopping, that is supported by a “High Output Distribution Facility” that boasts more than 1.6 MILLION cubic feet to handle order fulfillment! Since 1991, our businesses have flourished thanks to some of the area’s most talented people and their contributions to our team.

Together, we have created a culture that has been proven to dominate the business landscape through an emphasis on personal accountability, mentoring and creating professional growth opportunities. Check out some of the video content below to hear firsthand directly from those who have made the choice to join our team, and the profound impact that this career choice has had on their lives.

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